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23 December 2013
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Now whether it’s because the city features in so many of our favourite festive films or because it just has so much to offer, New York remains firmly placed as a very popular Christmas destination.

From hundreds of shops to plenty of festive stalls and decorations, the festive feel is visible on every corner.

Parades and costumes are commonplace, while millions of bright fairy lights twinkle in window displays and around the many trees in the city.

The city that never sleeps is a fantastic getaway for your Christmas shopping needs and here are three reasons why (there are plenty more but we’ll keep those for when you visit):

Department stores galore

New York is packed full of department stores that can cater for your every need, so you’re sure to find presents for all the family.

Each store is different to the last and each is filled with festive magic, from stunning Christmas trees to their wondrous window displays.

The shopping options are endless and as a result, there are few better places to do your festive shop than New York.

Holiday markets and craft fairs

If you’re struggling for gift ideas then the many market stalls around the city will offer plenty of answers to your present conundrums.

From hand-crafted gifts to glassware and artwork, you’re sure to find something that can help to reduce your gift list quickly and easily.

Sites such as the Grand Union fair, located inside the Grand Central Terminal are ideal whatever the weather, while others including the sites in Union Square and Bryant Park offer hundreds of gift ideas.

When it comes to Christmas markets in New York, there are so many options that you’re almost guaranteed to love every single minute that you spend there.

Window displays

Virtually every store in the city will be decorated during the festive season as New Yorkers embrace Christmas every single year.

Shops on Madison Avenue have mammoth displays with light projection and acts to keep up your festive spirits.

Meanwhile, this year’s renowned displays at Macy’s feature the journey of a young boy through a magical dreamland with all sorts of technology involved in the depiction.

Broadway is certainly a location to experience the thrills of Christmas as all six windows depict a stunning story of festive adventure.

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They are also ideal to help you budget effectively while you’re away, which means that you can’t possibly spend more than you wish to.

What’s your favourite Christmas shopping destination? Are you a cash, credit or prepaid shopper?

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