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26 November 2014
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The Top 5 German Christmas Markets

Christmas is quickly approaching and for those looking to do some last minute shopping, a trip to Germany comes highly recommended. While Christmas markets spring up all across the globe, the traditional wooden stalls and fairgrounds mean that German markets have something of an edge over those elsewhere. If you’d like to be surrounded by […]

23 December 2013

3 Reasons why New York is the Ultimate Christmas Shopping Trip

Now whether it’s because the city features in so many of our favourite festive films or because it just has so much to offer, New York remains firmly placed as a very popular Christmas destination. From hundreds of shops to plenty of festive stalls and decorations, the festive feel is visible on every corner. Parades […]

19 December 2013

What Makes Christmas Markets Such a Popular Travel Attraction?

As the festive season approaches, many people are keen to embrace the many traditions of other countries by celebrating in style. Christmas markets are popular both at home and abroad, as many European destinations in France, Germany and Austria are all renowned for their festive stalls and traditional foods. Closer to home, big cities such […]

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