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Prepaid cards are the cheapest and most effective mechanism of securely transferring money to your family and friends instantly. Prepaid card providers prefer to use the term money share as the funds are available on the card instantly. 

It is as simple as applying for an additional card on your account and then sending the card out to your family or friends. The primary cardholder can load funds in the UK and the secondary cardholder can access those funds using their card and also make withdrawals at ATM’s in local currency.

The bottom line is that there is really no cheaper way to transfer and share money safely, securely and instantly.

Comparison with Money Transfer Schemes

Money share comparison table

*2.5% Transfer Fee and + £1.25 International Withdrawal fee

Figures are meant as a guide only and are provided solely for information and interest purposes only, and not to either provide advice to, or to address the particular requirements of any individual.

Hence, it is quite noticeable that with a prepaid card, not only can you transfer and share your funds pronto (in an instant) but you could be save up to £23.25 as compared to some other providers to gain the same level of reliability and trust.

What about the Exchange Rate?
Using a Prepaid credit card will almost always save you even more money on international money transfer. Not only would you have benefitted from the actual transfer as shown above, but you are more likely to get a better exchange rate as compared to your traditional money transfer provider. If you regularly send money home and are looking to save money and time with a safe and secure money transfer solution, a prepaid card could be just the ticket for you!

Benefits of Prepaid Money Transfer Cards

  • Instant money transfer
  • One of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, ways to transfer money
  • Safe and secure
  • Can transfer funds between cards using SMS text
  • Chip & PIN Mastercard® –  can be used to shop online, in-store and over the phone at over 25 million merchants worldwide that accept Mastercard and over 9 million ATM’s to make withdrawals

If you wish to launch a prepaid Moneyshare card scheme for your employees or customers,contact a prepaid card provider from our list of prepaid card providers.

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