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An e-Wallet is a system that stores a customer’s data for easy retrieval for online purchases. Since completing forms as part of an e-tail transaction can be a reason for aborting a transaction, an eWallet service can reduce this inconvenience for the consumer.

A prepaid card attached to an e-Wallet provides you with even greater convenience as you can now withdraw or spend the money on your e-wallet using a physical card at over 25 million locations worldwide.

Benefits of e-Wallet Prepaid Cards for Businesses

An e-Wallet prepaid card offers a simple, cost-effective way for you to pay customers and affiliates quickly, securely and efficiently. It can also be used to offer your customers an easy and attractive way to pay you

  • Making Payments
    • Make affiliate or agent payments onto e-Wallet prepaid card
    • Avoid the high cost of issuing cheques or making Swift transfers
    • Make payments anywhere in the world with no currency conversion issues
    • Make payments to affiliates or agents who don’t have a bank account or credit card
    • Full integration with your existing systems
  • Receiving Payments
    • Your e-Wallet prepaid card gives your visitors the means to pay privately at your website
    • If you accept Mastercard or Visa at your site, your Mastercard or Visa e-Wallet prepaid card will not require any integration
    • Avoid chargebacks — e-Wallet prepaid cards are prepaid and protected by 3-D Secure™
    • Enhance your brand by using a co-branded e-Wallet prepaid card system, fully integrated into your user interface

Benefits of E-wallet Prepaid Cards for Consumers

Online retailers are obviously keen to offer and extend the services they offer consumers due to the numerous benefits that these e-Wallets provide consumers as detailed below

  • Pay virtually anywhere online — just look for the Mastercard or Visa symbol (depending on the brand of your e-Wallet card
  • Load your e-Wallet prepaid card instantly from your personal credit or debit card*
  • Merchants cannot see your personal credit or debit card details
  • Merchants can only debit what you have loaded onto the card
  • You can load more funds at any time, from anywhere in the world
  • Extremely useful especially for paying for online services such as online designers or for web hosting solutions,

If you wish to launch a prepaid e-Wallet card scheme for your customers, contact a prepaid card provider from our list of prepaid card providers.

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