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Prepaid Expense Cards are Maestro, Mastercard or Visa-branded cards and are similar to regular credit and debit cards. The main difference is that employers fund these cards .

Specifically, the employer sets up the employee Prepaid Expense account using the prepaid expense Card individually or through a batch process.

Due to the nature of the program (individual credit histories are not considered), and hence all employees are pre-approved.

Benefits of Prepaid Expense Cards

  • All Employees can be pre-approved
  • The production, distribution and reconciliation of paper checks are eliminated, reducing the overall expense processing costs.
  • Most importantly, little or no changes are required to the existing expense process.
  • Tracking is automatic and statements are available online
  • No need to run a cumbersome paper trail

If you wish to launch a prepaid Expense card scheme for your employees or customers, contact a prepaid card provider from our list of prepaid card providers.

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