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Has your prepaid card been lost or stolen or has your prepaid card stopped working and you are worried that you have damaged it in some way? Well, Never fear because help is here. Check out our FAQ to find out what you need to do next.
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What happens if I lose my prepaid card
This depends on the card issuer. Many bankcard issuers do offer emergency card replacement facilities, or will provide you with access to cash if your card should get lost or stolen.

If you lose your card or it is stolen, you should call your card issuers Customer Services team immediately. If you are abroad, you can even ask a friend or family member at home to contact your card issuer on your behalf. Check your cards T&C’s and by following the procedures outlined in the terms and conditions, any unauthorised charges on your account will be refunded after you receive a replacement card.
Is my money secure if my prepaid card is lost in the mail
With most prepaid card providers, it is possible to load funds on to your card when you apply for the card. Hence, a number of consumers are worried sick by the thought of losing their card in the mail before they get it.

Well, you should not be worried as if your card is lost or intercepted in the mail, your money is secure as no one can spend it until the card has been activated. The only person who can activate it is the person who has applied for the card - You. So yes, your money is secure. However, should your card not arrive within the time stipulated in the terms and conditions (usually 2-3 weeks), you should contact the customer services team for that prepaid card provider and ask them to issue you with a replacement card.
Why has my card suddenly stopped working
There could be a number of reasons why your card has stopped working and you should contact your prepaid card issuer to ensure you are up and running again.

The reasons could be
  • your card has been damaged
  • your card has expired
  • your PIN has expired or been changed for security purposes
  • there are no funds left on your card
  • your card has been blocked for security purposes or
  • your are an additional cardholder and the your card has been blocked on instructions of the primary card holder.
Contact your prepaid card provider to find out why and in most cases they will be able to get your card to work again or issue you with a replacement card depending on the reason why the card stopped working in the first place. There is usually a fee for replacement cards. Make sure you check the prepaid card issuers terms and conditions.

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