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Pockit Prepaid Card Review 4 Stars

Comes with low fees, cashback, voucher codes and partner offers and unmistakable branding
pockit prepaid card review


Issue Fee
  • Monthly Fee £0.00
  • UK POS £0.00
  • UK ATM £0.99
  • FX FEE 4.00%
  • INTL POS £0.00*
  • INTL ATM £2.25
  • LOAD £0.99 at PayPoint or free via debit card
*Note: POS transactions abroad are free but subject to 4.00% FX fee.

Pockit Rewards

Pockit is ideal for shopping and comes with some excellent additional benefits including
  • Cashback Offers
  • Voucher Code Discounts
  • Partner Offers

Visit the Pockit Prepaid Website to find out more.

The Pockit Prepaid Card is one of the most innovative and consumer friendly prepaid cards on the market. This exciting new prepaid card works like any Chip and PIN debit/credit card but it only allows you to spend what is loaded on to the card so you avoid expensive credit card and overdraft fees. The card is available as a Pay As You Go prepaid card with extremely low fees for domestic usage.

The Pockit card is a prepaid MasterCard, which means that it can be used at over 30 million locations and 2 million ATMs across the world. One of the unique elements of the Pockit prepaid card is the ability for cardholders to save money on their high street shopping with exclusive in-store and online cashback deals at leading UK retailers such as M&S, B&Q, New Look, Toys R Us and many more as well as access to voucher codes and exclusive partner offers.

With low fees and great additional benefits; this prepaid card is a very rewarding card for users and one that sits well in any pocket!!

The Pockit Prepaid Card is an excellent one with extremely low fees, which are amongst the lowest for cards in the UK. The one standout feature of the is the excellent rewards where users can get access to in-store and online cashback up to 10% direct to the card at 28 leading retailers, including M&S, B&Q, New Look, and Toys R Us. Zero dormancy fees ensure no financial penalties for not using your card.
The Pockit prepaid card is available in GBP only which means that usage abroad incurs a fairly high 4.00% FX fee and additional charges for ATM withdrawals abroad. So highly recommended for usage within the UK but better options exist for travellers abroad.
Pockit Prepaid MasterCard
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Comes with low fees, cashback, voucher codes and partner offers and unmistakable branding.
Rating: 4

Application Process  4 Stars

You can apply for the Pockit Prepaid Mastercard using a quick and simple online application process.

  • Apply online – Complete the simple sign-up form on the Pockit website for 100% guaranteed acceptance. Pay for your purchase with either a debit card. If you don’t have one, don’t worry you can also pay by SMS.

That’s it – sit back and relax and your card should arrive within the next 5-7 days.

Card Features  5 Stars

  • Exclusive Offers: Fantastic in-store and online cashback – earn up to 10% cashback direct to the card at 30 leading retailers, including M&S, B&Q, New Look, and Toys R Us.
  • Low fees:  Pockit has amongst the lowest in the market.
  • No dormancy fees: Unlike numerous other cards on the market, Pockit do not penalise you with fees if you do not use your card.

Card Design  4 Stars

One unique and distinct design with unmistakable yellow Pockit branding.

Card Fees  4 Stars

Pockit Pay As You Go:

  • Card Issue Fee: £0.99
  • Monthly Fee: FREE
  • Transaction Fee UK: FREE
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee UK: £0.99
  • Reload Fee:  £0.99 via PayPoint and FREE  via debit card.

Account Management  5 Stars

The Pockit Prepaid Card comes with excellent account management support. Once you receive your card, simply log in to retrieve your PIN and away you go. You also get access to the MyAccount area from which you can

  • check your balance
  • top-up your card
  • view your statements
  • order and manage up to 3 additional cards
  • set up standing orders and much more.

Using Abroad  3 Stars

The Pockit card is Mastercard branded GBP card which means that it can be used at over 30 million merchants worldwide as well as to withdraw cash at over 2 million ATM’s wherever you see the Mastercard acceptance mark.

However, there are fees for using the card abroad. There is 4.00% FX fee when you use the card abroad in a non-GBP region and withdrawing from an ATM will cost you £2.25. Do note that some ATM’s may apply a surcharge for usage, so please check with the ATM provider before making a withdrawal.

So you can use your Pockit card abroad but you may want to consider a dedicated travel card if your main intended usage is outside the UK.

Reload Options  5 Stars

You can load your Pockit prepaid Mastercard in a number of ways:

  • Debit Card Online – Free.
  • PayPoint Outlets – £0.99.
  • Bank account transfer – Free.
  • Wage Transfer – Free.

Customer Services  5 Stars

Pockit offer an excellent level of service to help customers manage their cards as easily and effectively as possibly.  The online and mobile site offers a full range of self-management tools at the touch of a screen and customers can get in touch with the Pockit team in the following ways:

  • Online: Send an enquiry via the website; response within 24hrs , typically.
  • By Telephone : 08447799990 (standard charges apply).
  • Email: Send an email to help@pockit.com
  • Chat: Instantly communicate with the Pockit team online via “Live Chat” on the website.
  • Lost and Stolen: 08447799990 (standard charges apply).

Complaints Procedure  5 Stars

If you are unhappy in any way with your Prepaid Card or the way it is managed, you can contact the Pockit prepaid team by using the e-mail enquiry facility on the Website and they will investigate the circumstances of your complaint for you. Any complaints you have will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

If the issue cannot be resolved, you may contact the Issuing Bank, Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd, Registered Office: Grainger Chambers, 3-5 Hood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6JQ, UK.

If you are still not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you may contact the Financial Services Commission, PO Box 940, Suite 3, Ground Floor, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar, or by telephone on +350 200 40283 Fax +350 200 40282 or e-mail psdcomplaints@fsc.gi, web www.fsc.gi

Awards  3 Stars

Pockit was launched in Dec’2011 and has already received a number of awards.

  • Best Online Shopping Prepaid Card: Winner – Prepaid365 Awards 2014
  • Best Newcomer Prepaid Card: Winner – Prepaid365 Awards 2013

Overall Rating  4 Stars

Reward yourself with Pockit Prepaid!

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