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Orange Cash Prepaid Card Review 4.5 Stars

MasterCard PayPass™ Contactless card technology enables customers to quickly make purchases of £20 or under
Orange Cash Prepaid Card


Issue Fee
  • Monthly Fee £0.00
  • UK POS £0.00
  • UK ATM 2.95%
  • FX FEE 2.75%
  • INTL POS £0.00*
  • INTL ATM 2.95%*
  • LOAD Debit card loads are FREE, £1.50 via Post Office.
*INTL POS & INTL ATM - International POS transactions are free and ATM transactions abroad cost 2.95%. In addition to those charges, there is a 2.75% FX fee for these POS & ATM withdrawals outside the UK.

Spend and get Rewarded

Orange Cash comes with a couple of amazing extras
  • Get rewards as you spend: spending with Orange Cash earns you points to redeem against free minutes, texts or credit for any Orange PAYG phone you choose.
  • Manage your account via text on your Orange phone or through your online account.
  • Manage your account via the Orange Cash App on your Android smart phone.
    • Load money instantly, even on the go or while queuing to pay
    • Check your balance and your transactions and set personal balance alerts
    • Check and redeem your rewards balance
Visit the Orange Cash Website to find out more.
The Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard® is the UK's first major contactless prepaid MasterCard. The Orange prepaid card is perfect for first time card users allowing them to take total control of their spending. The Orange prepaid card is a secure alternative to carrying around cash or spending online and can be used in over 32 million locations that accept MasterCard within the UK and abroad.

The Orange Cash card is also the UK’s first prepaid card to be offered with rewards that can be used on the customer’s Orange Pay As You Go mobile or the rewards can be given away to a friend or family member if they have an Orange PAYG phone. Key features include
  • New, easy-to-use contactless Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard® allows customers to make faster payments on the high street
  • Orange Cash customers earn points as they spend, which are redeemable against a great range of rewards including Pay As You Go Orange texts, minutes or credit
  • MasterCard PayPass™ Contactless card technology enables customers to quickly make purchases of £20 or under wherever the contactless symbol is displayed
The Orange Cash prepaid card also helps customers manage their money securely from their Orange mobile whilst on the move as they can manage their card using SMS functions by texting 311 after registering for an online account.. You can top up an Orange Pay As You Go Phone from the Orange Cash account, and funds can also be transferred between Orange Cash cards by SMS. Orange Cash users who have Android smart phones can access a wide range of account management facilities too.
The UK's first major contactless card makes it quick and easy to tap and pay and Orange Cash customers can earn rewards for their spend and redeem it against PAYG texts, airtime and credit. Makes spending on your prepaid card a whole lot more rewarding.
The Orange prepaid card is only available in GBP which means that it is better for domestic everyday use and not really for usage abroad where an ATM withdrawal may cost you a 2.95% withdrawal fee on top of a 2.75% foreign exchange fee - Ouch! Topping up with your credit card can set you back 4% of your load value so is definitely not recommended but free options exist to top up with your debit card.
Orange Cash Prepaid Card
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The Contactless Prepaid Card that brings Rewards!
MasterCard PayPass™ Contactless card technology enables customers to quickly make purchases of £20 or under.
Rating: 4.5

Application Process  5 Stars

The Orange prepaid card comes with 100% guaranteed acceptance and anyone can get a card, as long as Orange can verify your ID. You can apply for the Orange Cash Prepaid card online using a simple application process.

  • Apply online – Simply visit the Orange Cash Pre Paid Card site and click on the “Get it Now” button. You will then be asked to complete a quick and easy online form, make a small payment towards the card and once accepted successfully, your card will be sent out to you in the post.

Note: Your Orange Prepaid Mastercard should normally arrive in 7-10 working days. The Orange prepaid card team will provide your PIN when you call them 020 8264 8311 to activate your card. The Orange Cash App is free to download for Android users from the Google Play store (data charges may apply).

Card Features  4.5 Stars

  • Contactless Prepaid Card makes it quick and easy to tap and pay for small purchases.
  • Get Orange rewards as you spend on your Orange Prepaid Card.
  • Orange Cash App is passcode protected for easy yet secure access.

Card Design  3.5 Stars

Currently there is only one elegant black design for the Orange Prepaid Mastercard card.

Card Fees  4 Stars

The Orange Cash card is a Pay as you go prepaid card with no monthly fees and some excellent free options for loading the card via your debit card and at Orange shops across the UK.

  • Card Issue Fee – £5.00
  • Monthly Fee – FREE
  • Transaction Fee UK – FREE
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee UK – 2.75%.
  • Reload Fee – Debit card loads are FREE, £1.50 via Post Office.

Account Management  5 Stars

You can manage your Orange Prepaid Card using the Orange Cash online account management facilities free of charge, which includes the ability to transfer money between different Orange Cash Prepaid cards and loading credit to your own or another’s Orange PAYG phone. If you have an Android smart phone (on any mobile network), you can download the Orange Cash App. You can use the Orange Cash Card online account or Orange Cash App to undertake the following:

  • Check your balance and set notifications
  • See transactions and statements online
  • Load funds on to your orange Prepaid Mastercard
  • Redeem points for rewards, and

You can also manage main functions such as checking your balance, your last three transactions, topping up your mobile and loading funds onto another Orange Cash card using SMS text messages from an Orange mobile. Find out more on the Orange Cash website.

Using Abroad  3 Stars

That said, it is a prepaid Mastercard which means that your Orange Cash card can be used around the world at over 32 million global locations for purchases as well as making withdrawals at over 2 million ATM, wherever you see the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark.  What’s more, being a prepaid card means the Orange Cash card represents a far more secure alternative to cash or debit card.

So you can definitely use your Orange cash prepay card anywhere in the world but it is best suited for everyday use in the UK. However, if your primary intention is to use this card abroad, then it may be worth considering dedicated prepaid travel cards.

Reload Options  4.5 Stars

Numerous reload options exist with the Orange prepaid card.

  • Using Debit Card Online/Orange Cash App – FREE
  • Using Credit Card Online/Orange Cash App – 4% of load value
  • Using Cash at EE Shops – FREE
  • Using Cash at Post Office – £1.50 per load
  • Using Cash at PayPoint – £1.50 per load
  • Bank/Wage Transfer online – FREE

Note: The minimum load amount is £10.00 for EE shops, Post Office and PayPoint loads but online account loads have a minimum £20.00 load value. You can find additional details at the Orange Cash website.

Customer Services  5 Stars

The Orange Cash prepaid Mastercard customer services team can be reached using various options as detailed below.

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 208 264 8311 or Dial 311 on an Orange Mobiles (standard network charges apply)
  • Email:
  • Lost and Stolen: +44 (0) 208 264 8311 or Dial 311 for Orange customers (24/7 – standard network charges apply)
  • By Post: Orange Cash Customer Services, PO Box 3371, Swindon, SN5 7WJ.
  • Online Form: Use the online contact form on the Orange website.

Complaints Procedure  5 Stars

If you are unhappy with any element of your Orange Prepaid Mastercard or the service related to it, you can send complaints in writing to PO BOX 3371, Swindon SN5 7WJ, by e-mail to or by calling 0208 264 8311 (standard network charges apply). All complaints are subject to the Orange Complaints Procedure and the Orange Cash customer services team will make every effort to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

If you are still not satisfied after following these procedures, you can ask the Ombudsman to review the complaint. Alternatively you can write to Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR or telephone 0845 080 1800. Calls may be recorded. Note that the FSCS scheme does not apply to prepaid cards.

Awards  3 Stars

The Orange card has won the following accolades with more to follow

  • Best Newcomer Prepaid Card – Winner: Prepaid365 Awards 2011
  • Best Overall Prepaid Card – Runner Up: Prepaid365 Awards 2011

Overall Card Ratings  4.5 Stars

The contactless prepaid card that brings rewards!

Get the Orange Cash prepaid card with rewards now
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What Orange Cash Cardholders say...

  • Great features, looks and feels great to use compared to most banking apps

    Brian Crook

  • Easy to use. Easy to transfer funds from my bank to the card. Notifications are good. All round good app. Thanks.

    Adrian Stainton

  • Really quick to use - I can load my card in the queue for train tickets!! It makes keeping track of my spending dead simple.


  • Downloaded the app, added a card and loaded money all in one breath... no hassle. Even logged in online to make sure everything was ok... and it was! As a frequent Orange Cash user this app is PERFECT.

    Marie Davis

  • Being an Orange card heavy user this app is a god send! Very simple and easy to use...immediate money upload too. Just what this excellent card needed to compliment it.

    Peter Butterworth

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