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If you have had enough of hearing the word “NO” because you don’t have a bank account, cannot get one or have a poor credit history or CCJ’s which have prevented you from getting a debit card or credit card, a prepaid card may be just the ticket for you!

Prepaid cards look and feel just like debit or credit cards, but they are not. There is no credit to be available or advanced and  there is no interest earned or paid. It is quite simply a prepaid account with a card facility which you can use once you have paid money on to your card.

There are no credit checks involved which means people with current or previous bad credit or CCJ ‘s are already approved for a prepaid card. Hence, as long as you are able to verify your identity and address, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a prepaid card. Since there is no credit check, it does not affect your credit rating in any way.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards for Unbanked and those with Poor Credit Histories

  • No Bank Account is required and there is NO credit check
  • All are welcome to apply – it does not matter if you have CCJ’s or a poor credit history
  • Safe and secure method of payment
  • You have instant access to your money 24/7
  • You can top up your card online and with cash at numerous retail locations like PayPoint, Payzone, E-Pay and the Post Office across the UK depending on the scheme provider
  • Chip & PIN prepaid cards –  can be used to shop online, in-store and over the phone at over 30 million merchants worldwide that accept Mastercard/VISA and over 2 million ATM’s to make withdrawals

To find a prepaid card that works best for you, visit our prepaid card for the unbanked comparison section.

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