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As many as 6 million people indulge in online gambling every month inspite of the fact that a number of people are extremely wary of sharing their credit/debit card details online. This is usually the case when the card is linked to their bank account which means these punters have increased their exposure to online fraud.

The prepaid gaming & gambling card provides an excellent alternative. The prepaid gambling card is not linked to any bank account and most prepaid cards can be used for making purchases on gaming and gambling sites. Some prepaid card issuers have restricted usage on such sites as they have cardholders under the age of 18 so it is always best to check with the site owners and/or the card providers to ensure their cards can be used.

Furthermore, with your prepaid gaming and gambling cards, you can only spend up to the value of money loaded onto the card. This allows you to better control and budget the amount of money you spend whilst gaming and gambling online.

Also, the money you put on the card is yours so you cannot get into debt, and are not subject to high amounts of interest charged on credit cards.

Benefits of Online Gaming & Gambling Cards

  • It’s ideal for budgeting the amount of money you wish to spend playing
  • There’s no opportunity for fraudsters to gain access to your bank account
  • Safe and secure and you can get instant payouts onto your card
  • Your card is easy to top up by text, online or at any top up locations such as Paypoint, Payzone or e-Pay
  • There are no embarrassing bank statements to worry about
  • Chip & PIN Cards –  can be used to make payments online, instore and over the phone at over 30 million merchants worldwide that accept Mastercard/VISA and over 2 million ATM’s to make withdrawals

To find prepaid gaming cards that work best for you, visit our prepaid gaming card comparison section.

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