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Are you tired of seeing grumpy faces from your loved ones when you give them the gift that they did NOT want! Does the question “did you keep the receipt” keep getting asked when you unveil your “really cool” gift. Well, if you are really looking to give the gift of choice, you should consider a prepaid gift card.

Prepaid Gift Cards aim to replace the traditional gift vouchers used by retailers. Gift Cards can be open loop (used anywhere) or closed loop (with specific retailers only). Prepaid Gift cards can either be purchased in-store “off the shelf” in pre-denominations as agreed by the merchant, instant issue or via the internet.

The in-store cards are non-personalised, in that no cardholder name will appear on the card. The cards are merchant branded, (unless otherwise specified). A customer PIN can be issued if required.

Benefits of Prepaid Gift Cards

  • Can be loaded at the time of purchase with cash, by using a debit or credit card, or via bank transfer
  • Provides flexibility as the user can choose where the money is spent, including over the Internet
  • More secure than giving cash or paper gift vouchers
  • Internet access to balance, account information, and transaction history
  • Can be used at over 25 millions of locations worldwide
  • Your gift is not returned, exchanged and doesn’t end up in the bin.

To find a prepaid gift card that works best for you, visit our prepaid gift card comparison section.

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