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Reloadable prepaid cards provide youth a safe and controlled spending option. Parents can register their under 18’s as additional cardholders and fund the card through their primary card using various mechanisms.. For the teen this gives safety, independence, maturity and teaches fiscal awareness.

Prepaid Youth Cards allow full parental control and instant load of funds onto the card in any emergency. The prepaid Youth Card provides secure access for teenagers to make purchases and obtain cash with no debt, no interest, and no way to overspend. If the child wishes to make purchases online, the card can also be restricted so it is only useable on websites that are appropriate for children and teenagers.

The youth card provides the opportunity for any parent wishing to teach their children the disciplines of budgeting funds. The parent can allow their children access to funds without exposure to the risks of credit cards or current bank accounts. This card has functionality that allows parent to set restrictions of use.

For example the cards can be set to allow a total monthly spend of £40 or less, or to only be used at ATM’s.

Teenagers can learn about money management without getting into debt. The Prepaid Teen Cards are powerful tools to encourage financial responsibility. Furthermore, the card allows parents to ensure that their teenagers can securely shop online or at retailers whilst not exposing sensitive banking or credit/debit card information.

Benefits of Prepaid Youth Cards

  • Prepaid Youth Cards are more secure than cash and allow full parental control.
  • provides parents peace of mind whilst giving teenagers and youth acceptance at merchants and ATM’s globally.
  • the card can be used for micro-payments, E.g. Internet music downloads
  • Allowing young people (usually from age 10) to have payment cards for retail and e-commerce purchasing
  • Avoiding the need to use parents’ card details.
  • Parents can also see where the money is being spent.
  • Youth learn about money management without getting into debt

To find a prepaid youth card that works best for you, visit our prepaid youth card comparison section.

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