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Blocking multiple pop-ups at 4.00am in the morning can be tricky enough but avoiding embarrassing bank statements and having to explain to your partner where you spend your money online is trickier still.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to keep your online transactions to yourself and not have them appear in your bank statements such as if you

  • Indulge in Online Gambling
  • Are into Online Dating
  • Make Adult purchases
  • are a shopaholic who needs to buy that umpteenth pair of red shoes or that new handbag
  • Are quite simply worried about online fraud and don’t want to use a card which is linked to your bank account.

However, with your prepaid card – your money and where you spend it is quite simply – your business. You can use your prepaid card for all your secret purchases and do not have to worry about getting those potentially embarrassing bank statements at the end of the month.

Prepaid Cards work exactly as a regular debit cards and need to be topped up before you can spend with them. No paper statements are generated and you can view your transactions online. It simply means that where you spend your money is your business.

It takes just a few clicks to apply for your card and you are good to go with a prepaid card from one of our partners.

You can top up your prepaid card using your credit/debit card online or in person with cash at over 30,000 Payzone locations across the UK.

Have fun, be safe and be responsible!

Benefits of Prepaid cards for Adult Purchases

  • No embarrassing bank statements at the end of the month
  • Put a budget on your habit. Spend only what you have on your card!
  • There’s no opportunity for fraudsters to gain access to your bank account
  • Safe and secure method of payment.
  • Chip & PIN Mastercard® –  can be used to shop online, in-store and over the phone at over 25 million merchants worldwide that accept Mastercard and over 9 million ATM’s to make withdrawals
  • You don’t need a bank account and there are no credit checks
  • Your money, your business!

To find a prepaid privacy card that works best for you, visit our prepaid privacy card comparison section.

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